Pre-order Opportunity

We are reaching out to a selected group to offer a limited time opportunity to connect with our HIPAA compliant VirtualClinicX platform at a reduced cost.

Patient referrals are the heart and soul for private specialty care clinics. But, did you know that up to 50% of over 100 million specialty referrals end up in-completed in the US each year?

We can help your clinic improve your referrals with our unique referral platform VirtualClinicX which utilizes telehealth to solve this HUGE problem. Our solution makes your clinic staff operate more efficient so you can see patients faster.

This is a risk free program backed by a money back guarantee.

Hurry, we have limited spots available until the end of this month. 

  • Improve Patient Care
  • Save with Automation
  • Complete More Referrals
  • Less Calling
  • Reduce No-Shows & Lates
  • Online Patient Self-Scheduling

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Referral Loop Closures

Automate referral communications

Operation Efficiency

Patients scheduling and reminder automation

Better Patient Care

Telehealth allows for faster patient care

Error Reductions

Less errors means better care and staff efficiency

Why Choose TeleMedicX

Virtual ClinicX Platform

  • Referral Automation & Compensation

    +Electronically transmit and receive referrals
    +Automatically receive referral compensation
    +Significantly reduce the number of incomplete referrals

  • Automated Scheduling

    +Automate confirmation calls
    +Significantly reduce no shows and lates with automatic text reminders
    +Enable patients to self schedule online

  • TeleMedicine

    +See more patients daily with more predictable session lengths
    +Eliminate patient travel from the equation
    +Keep the office less crowded and reduce risk

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